Summit Chamber Business Excellence Award Finalist

We were so proud to be a finalist as a Customer Service Champion for the Summit Chamber Business Excellence Awards. We make great efforts to deliver the best quality service and care with all our customers, as we know they are trusting us with their personal belongings. We are always grateful for positive reviews and return customers! That’s a sign that we did our job well!

We send our congratulations to Building Hope, Lenka’s Loving Care, The Frosted Flamingo, and more who were selected as sinners in different categories.

Business Excellence Awards

We were so honored to be nominated as a finalist for the Summit Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award this year.

We were nominated in two categories, as a Marketing Champion and Customer Service Champion.

We join a handful of other incredible businesses like Timberline Craft Kitchen and Cocktails, The Bakers’ Brewery, and The Frosted Flamingo in the area who seek to offer quality service to our community.

We find out this week who the official winners are and cheer on every business doing great work here in Summit County Colorado!