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The beautiful mountain towns of Colorado have a magnetic quality that brings people in from all over the state, country and world. Coordinating one of these long-distance moves can be daunting. Added to all of the other things you have to get done before your move and it can seem impossible. Choose Peak to Peak Movers to handle the logistical challenges of your move.

Whether you are moving to or from one of our service areas, Peak to Peak Movers can handle your long-distance move. We bring our residential moving expertise, our customer service focus and can-do attitude all over the United States. After successfully completing many cross-state and cross-country moves, you can be sure that our team is experienced in getting your belongings to you no matter the distance.

A High-Integrity Company in a Low-Integrity Industry

The long-distance moving industry has a big problem with brokers and low quality providers. When searching for a moving company to complete your statewide or countrywide move, it is very likely that you will come across a broker. These companies will often hide from you that they are in fact just a middle man and not the provider completing the service. The brokers will then hire a “moving company” to provide the actual service. This usually means it will be a barely-vetted company that was willing to do it cheaper than anyone else.

Your Belongings Are Safe With Us

Additionally, it can become a roll of the dice on when you will receive your belongings and what kind of condition they will arrive in. These brokers will often tell you a range of dates that you will receive the final delivery. In between leaving your old home and arriving at the new home your property may be handled by multiple companies, put into storage, or put onto the same truck as another customer’s belongings.

At Peak to Peak Movers, we deliver a superior long-distance moving experience for the following reasons


No Middle Men

We refuse to work with brokers and we handle your move 100% of the time. You will see Peak to Peak employees at both ends of the move and we do not outsource the transport of your property to anyone else.


Personalized Service

We do not combine customers onto the same truck. Many of the van lines will put your stuff on the same large truck as one or multiple other customers. At Peak to Peak Movers, we prioritize personalized customer service and outcomes.


On-Time Delivery

Unlike many of the big moving companies or brokered services, we do not provide a date range that your property will arrive at the final location. Because we do not combine customers onto the same truck, your final destination is our only destination.

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