Moving Tables for Outdoor Seating in Silverthorne

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Peak to Peak Movers was recently featured in the Summit Daily News as they highlighted how local businesses came together over the summer 2020 to help restaurants expand their outdoor seating areas. As Arapahoe Basin Ski Area had a collection of tables they didn’t use over the summer, we volunteered to move about 20 tables over to Silverthorne to help businesses like the Blue Moon Bakery and Red Buffalo Coffee and Tea.

The ski area, which uses picnic tables for the Beach during ski season but doesn’t use them in the summer, was enthusiastic about supporting local businesses, Schwab said. A-Basin loaned the tables to town businesses at no cost, so the next piece was figuring out how to move the tables from A-Basin to Silverthorne.

The town reached out to Peak to Peak Movers, which volunteered the moving trucks and staff needed to move the tables. Owner Mike Worl said the town asked him to put an invoice together for the project. 

“Since we eat at these places every day, we’d rather do it for free, so we essentially just jumped on board to get the tables moved as quick as we could,” Worl said. “Just glad to be able to help, especially in tough times like we’re going through.”

We really do love being a part of this community in Summit County. We were happy to help support local businesses in this way, especially during this challenging year of the global pandemic.


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